ImmersionRC RF Power Meter And 30dB Attenuator (35Mhz-5.8Ghz) Tool

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Take the guesswork out of your setups with proper testing on the ground before risking problems in the air.

The ImmersionRC RF power meter lets you test and tune both your uplink and downlink setups in power and Antenna performance. You can do comparative tests on various antenna designs or plot the radiation pattern, even test the direct output power of your transmitters using the included Attenuator.

The Power meter works with both pulsed and continuous wave signals and a wide range of frequencies from 35Mhz to 5.8GHz, allowing you to test both video and RC systems.
This is an invaluable tool for anything from hand tuning a DIY antenna to testing a video TX after a crash for proper output power. Don’t just guess with your investment…Test it.


• Affordable RF power measurements, a fraction of the cost of similar equipment
• Measure pulsed, and continuous RF power levels (e.g. UHF, and A/V Downlinks)
• Calibrated on all common bands used for modeling, and especially FPV
• 50dB of dynamic range (-50dBm -> 0dBm without the external attenuator)
• Readout in MW, or dBm
• Included 30dB attenuator and adapter


  • Frequency range: 1MHz thru 8GHz, calibrated on common bands used for FPV/UAV
  • Power level without attenuator: 50dBm thru 0dBm
  • Adjustments: Programmable attenuator setting, readout corrected
  • Power: USB, or DC power jack power source, 6V-16V
  • Calibrated against traceable test equipment at: > 100 frequency/power combinations.
  • Connector: Standard high-quality SMA 
  • Un-attenuated VSWR: 8GHz.
  • Attenuated VSWR: 8GHz (typical)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): L=90mm x W=52mm x H=19mm
  • Weight (Grams): 40g
  • Supply Voltage: 6 - 16V DC
  • Power Consumption: 100mA

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