FatShark fan equipped faceplate - White V2


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Version 2 of the Fat Shark Fan-Equipped Face Plate makes ergonomic improvements to improve comfort — both during flight and while stowed passively on the pilot’s head.

The improved fit is made through design updates to the plastic air deflectors on the bridge of the face plate and better foam placement, improving comfort when the goggles are worn in a variety of positions. Upgraded, vinyl-covered foam is also included in the package to ensure the best fit.

Attach the face plate by simply snapping it onto the goggle. The integrated fan for reduced fogging can be powered by the supplemental lead on all Fat Shark batteries.

Works with the Attitude V3,V4,V5, Dominator V2, V3, HD, HD2 HD3 & HDO models.

To prevent accidental discharge of battery, there is no switch - only an 8 minute timer (press button and fan runs for 8 minutes, repressing adds 8 minutes).

Please Note:
  • Goggle fan is compatible with 2s batteries only, 3s will damage the fan & electronics
  • Black faceplate is no longer available

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