Aikon SEFM 20A ESC Blheli_S

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The Aikon SEFM 20A is a new generation ESC that uses a variety of bleeding edge technologies in hardware and firmware. The second BLHeli_S offering from Aikon, designed to be compact but powerful for tight builds and light weight racers.

What makes SEFM different?
  • Totally new MCU that comes with a three channel PMW output specifically designed for motor control applications and runs at 48mhz.
  • New BLHELI_S firmware which provides all the strengths of the original BLHELI, but adds some significant improvements such as better response and smoother start up, 1000 steps of throttle input resolution, and auto-detection of the input signal protocol.
  • Higher quality MOSFETs with extremely low internal resistance
  • Three exceptionally fast dedicated MOSFET drivers
  • Extra capacitance to help remove EMF spikes and keep the rest of your equipment safe.

Please Note: Correct soldering technique, including appropriate tip size, temperature control and flux use is essential. Poor soldering technique will void your warranty.

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