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The APD PDB500 is designed for high voltage and high current applications. It consists of 8 layers of heavy copper to sustain maximum current demand whilst dissipating minimal heat. This PDB can sustain up to 125A continuous to each ESC leg. Also features 12V 3Amp and 5V 3Amp regulators with a maximum of 12S (50.2V) input.

Signal and telemetry lines are sandwiched between the Negative (GND) layers to shield them from switching noise at high power levels. Negative (GND) layers on top to shield the Flight Controller from switching noise.

Further, it has double sided main input power pads which can be soldered or bolted to. It allows for flight controller mounting with standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm hole spacing. Solder tabs extend off the PCB to allow for thermal relief to make soldering easier.

Manufactured using ISOLA 185HR high performance dielectric to sustain continuous high temperature scenarios.
Rest assured, your solder tabs won’t fall off, even with excessive heat.


  • 4S-12S input
  • 8 Layers of 4oz copper to each ESC
  • 12V @ 3A switching regulator
  • 5V @ 3A switching regulator
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection on both 5V and 12V regulators
  • Allows for ESC’s to be bolted on with 2.5mm bolts
  • Allows for main power inputs to be bolted on with 3mm bolts
  • Has two main power inputs
  • Thermal relief on all solder tabs to allow for easier soldering
  • 2.5mm thickness for strength and reliability
  • 58mm x 58mm in size
  • PCB rated for 180°C continuous
  • ISOLA 185HR dielectric for maximum performance
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

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