APM LED Driver Board 12V (4ch)

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This easy to use led driver board is designed and set up for running External Led indicators from your APM. You can easily control 12V led’s up to 700ma from the A4~7 pins on your APM compliant Flight controller. 12V external high visibility LED Indicators for Motor arms, Arm status, GPS, and Low voltage can now easily be controlled with this must have flight controller accessory.


Input voltage: up to 12V

Output: 700ma

Weight: 5.3g

Channels of LEDs: 4


*Note: The reference to APM refers to the ArduPilot project, a family of open source autopilots based on the Arduino open source computing platform, developed by 3DR and the open source community. It consists of a choice of ArduPilot Mega (APM) electronics and a range of free software versions for different vehicles and is governed by an open source creative commons license.