ImmersionRC Aura 3 LED Strip (2 LED strips)

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ImmersionRC Aura 3 LED Strip (2 LED strips)

Easy to use LED strip which requires only a LiPo hookup (2s-4s HV) to function

Smart LED Strip for FPV Racers

Light up your quad to comply with race regulations, to spook the neighbors, or just for the hell of it.

Easy to Install

Two wires to the LiPo, solder directly to the battery side of ESCs to light up arms.
A built-in micro-miniature switching regulator drops the direct LiPo voltage down to LED-compatible levels.

Easy to Use

A single button walks through fixed and flashing colors, and color sequences.
Last color/blink settings are preserved after power is removed.

Built-in tiny switching regulator ensures efficiency, and the same brightness regardless of input voltage.

Trivial to wire into a quad before an event which requires them. For arm mounting, simply wire to the battery side of the ESC hookup.


  • 24-bit RGB LEDs
  • Fixed, flashing, pattern sequences
  • Simple 2-wire power hookup
  • 2-4s Input


Manual Available Here

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