Birdseye miniPDB

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Compact, easy to use small form factor high current PDB. Thich 2.5mm high quality PDB with XT60 through holes for easy power connector mounting. Mounting pattern matches standard 36mm flight control boards such as Naze32, CC3D, SPRacingF3 etc. Supports dual Pololu power regs for ultimate flexibility in regulated power systems.

Select from drop down for selection of Pololu step-downs to be included with your PDB.


  • Soldering service is not included 
  • XT60 connector is not included - please dont forget to add one if required


  • XT60 Compatible.
  • Mounting pattern that matches: Naze32, CC3D, SPRacingF3, Dodo FC etc.
  • Dual Pololu support.
  • 2 AUX pads w. LiPo voltage.
  • 4 ESC pads.
  • 4 oz copper.
  • MAT Black finish.
  • Thick 2,5mm High Quality Glassfibre.

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