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Are you looking to buy  Dquad Addiction 5.1” V4 in Australia? You have come to the right place!

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Our Addiction frame is back! And back with an exciting new V4 update! The Addiction is a middle-weight frame which offers incredible strength. One year of continuously improving the design has led us to the point where we are very confident that this frame is one of the strongest out there while still being sub 100 grams. The combination of carbon fiber and high grade
aluminum and the fact that you can easily swap arms makes sure you get as much flight time (and crashes) as possible. No corners were cut with the design of this frame which results in a high level of detail where every millimeter of the frame has a function.


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Key features


  • Carbon: Armattan high-heat pressed 3k twill weave carbon fiber
  • 7075 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Good airflow
  • lipo strap passes through the middle of the frame
  • Countersunk bolts and press nuts
  • Obsession bracket compatible
  • Integrated xt60 mount
  • 5.1”
  • Slotted camera mount hole for slight adjustment forward or back
  • HD compatible
  • V4 update
  • New to the Addiction, we took the 5.5 inch arms and chopped them down to 5.1” single arms
  • (no more directional arms) and then widened them at the neck for superior strength. We also
  • bumped up the 20x20 fc holes from m2 to the more common m3 size
  • New 4mmx4mm arm braces now available!
  • 204mm size 5.1” X frame
  • Prop size 5-5.1”
  • Supports 30.5x30.5 and 20x20 fc stacks. Stack bolt sizes= m3
  • Frame weight 94 grams
  • Supported cameras: 19mm micros
  • HD compatible: caddx vista, Fatshark
Frame kit includes
  • 4x 5.1” arms 6mm thick, 8mm wide (10mm at critical spots)
  • 1x 2mm bottom plate
  • 1x 2mm middle plate with press nuts installed
  • 1x 2mm top plate
  • 2x 7075 front bracket
  • 1x 7075 rear bracket
  • 6x m3x6 button head bolts
  • 4x m3 x4 button head bolts
  • 12x m3x10 countersunk bolts
  • 4x m3x19mm black cage standoffs
  • 1x sma vtx tpu mount
  • 1x xt60 connector
  • 1x lipo pad
  • 1x Dquad lipo strap
  • 1x sticker
*Manufactured by Armattan Quads

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