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These precision engineered 2207 motors are an explosive combination of power and durability. 


  • 6S capable.
  • 2207 Stator
  • Single Strand Windings
  • Hollow Titanium Shaft
  • Reinforced 16x16mm Fat Naked Base
  • N52H arc magnets
  • EZO 8x4x3 bearing
  • 0.15mm stator laminations
  • Screw lock shaft
  • Al 7075
  • 32.4g with 15cm wire
  • Dolphin Stem Cells

These motors take the existing benchmark and pump in a little bit of extra juice for a competitive edge, coming in 1788, 2488 and 2688kv.

This collaborative effort is the first of many between QuadRacer and FMR with the aim to provide a carefully curated line of excellent products with uncompromising performance.

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