FrSKY D8R-XP 2.4Ghz 8 Channel Receiver (w/telemetry)

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This Receiver is compatible with FrSky 2-Way Telemetry modules: DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U, Taranis X9D & Taranis X9D+

The XP is a special receiver that is identical to the D8R-II Plus, but it has added the RSSI and CPPM outputs commonly used for FPV aircraft. CPPM can reduce wiring to some flight controllers, a single servo extension can carry all 8 channels to the flight computer. Furthermore, CPPM output can be used as a wireless trainer system (wireless trainer cable). The RSSI output is for use with On Screen Display (OSD) systems that are common in the First Person View (FPV) vehicles. (All FrSky telemetry receivers send RSSI levels back to the transmitter, but this receiver can output this data for use with an OSD.)

Dimension: 55*25*14mm
Weight: 12.4g
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V-10.0V
Operating Current: 100mA
Operating Range: Full Range >1.5km
Servo Frame Rate: 18ms (FS – Normal Speed Mode)
                                9ms (HS – High Speed Mode)

- Two external analog telemetry ports (A1&A2) and one digital data-stream port (Rx);
- RSSI (PWM) and CPPM output if channel 3 and channel 4 are connected by a jumper;
- When side port pins of A1 and X are connected by the jumper, A1 will change from external analog telemetry port to internal built-in battery voltage sensor;
- Convenient to upgrade – no need to open the receiver’s case when upgrading;
- Two switchable PPM modes - FS mode and HS mode;
- Alarm warning on low voltage, poor reception, etc.
Warning: Battery or servos are NOT to be plugged into side ports (A1/A2/Rx), otherwise damage may occur.
Warning: HS mode is only applied for high-speed digital servos. Other servos should select FS mode, otherwise servos will get hot and may burn out.

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