Hitec X4 AC Plus Multi Charger, AC/DC 4 output

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Versatile and reliable, the X4 AC Plus charger from Hitec is an excellent choice for novice and expert RC enthusiasts. Perfect for charging 4 x batteries at once, at home or out in the field charging with AC and DC input charging. 

  •   Optimised operating software
  •   Internal independent lithium battery balancers
  •   Can balance individual cells during battery discharging
  •   Charges most popular lithium batteries
  •   Multiple lithium battery charge modes
  •   Delta Peak technology for maximum safety
  •   Automatic charging current limit
  •   Capacity and processing time limit
  •   Temperature threshold
  •   5 user-customisable pre-sets per channel
  •   Cyclic charging and discharging available
  •   PC analysis with the optional USB adaptor (sold separately)

The X4 AC Plus from Hitec is a brilliant battery charger. Coming with a built-in AC supply, this multi-charger has a four-port computer-controlled capability with a built-in 22 amp power supply. This can be powered by a standard 240-volt AC household current. The Hitec H4 is a feature-rich offering. Inside the box, you will receive the following:

  • 1 x X4 AC Charger
  • 3 x T type charge leads
  • 1 x Tamiya type charge lead
  • 1 x receiver battery charge lead
  • 1 x AC lead
  • 1 x 12V input lead
  • 1 x pair alligator clips
  • 1 x XH balancing board with lead
  • 1 x TP balancing board with lead

The X4 AC Plus is easy to use and very reliable. It offers battery management and an integral balancer, complete with four identical and independent 50-watt power outputs. This gives you a total output power of 200 watts. Each port on this charger can handle up to 6S lithium packs, 15 NiCD/NiMH cells or 6-12 volt lead acid batteries. Hitec have also included four individual balancing ports, which eliminates the need for a separate balancer when charging lithium batteries. Its twin fan cooling system comes with an internal sensor for controlling fan speed, giving you the highest levels of efficiency and safety. This charger can also accept a variety of power inputs, including the option of attaching it to a 12-volt car battery or an 11-15 volt (20-amp minimum) DC power supply. For novice and expert RC modellers, the Hitec X4 AC Plus offers the ideal solution for nitro and electric models. Order yours now.

Additional Specifications:
  • 1-6S Lithium
  • 1-15 Cell NiCad/NiMH
  • 6-12V Lead Acid
  • 4 x 50 Watt Outlets