ImmersionRC EZtracker Antenna Tracker V2

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The innovative ImmersionRC Antenna Tracker teamed up with a pan and tilt servo system and a high-gain directional antenna (not included) will following your model around the sky, pointing the antenna directly at your model.

This is the second revision of the Antenna Tracker, featuring an integrated power supply to power the servos, a video buffer, and a single-cable hookup to ImmersionRC's Uno, and Duo A/V receivers.

The second version of the first Commercial Antenna Tracker for FPV/UAV use.


  • Standard 3-pin 0.1" headers for hookup to standard servos for Pan/Tilt. 
  • Uses telemetry data downlinked from an EzOSD, TinyTelemetry module, or ImmersionRC's XuGong v2/Pro quadcopters. 
  • Integrated LCD, displays live telemetry and sensor data, including EzUHF link status
  • Standard USB port for configuration and firmware upgrade
  • LCD-based user interface for receiver control (Channel, Band, with Frequency readout)
  • Three button intuitive user-interface
  • Non-volatile storage of last plane position, useful for locating a lost model
  • Non-volatile storage of the antenna’s position, and orientation, no need to reconfigure for repeat flights at the same location
  • Three 3.5mm 4-pole sockets for connection to Goggles, LCD monitors, DVRs, etc. 
  • One 6-pin Mini-DIN connector for hookup to an ImmersionRC receiver (Includes Power, A/V, and Control

Supplied with:
  • 1 x 30cm RCA AV cable (3.5mm 4-POL to 3xCinch)
  • 1 x 50cm 6-pin Mini-DIN to 6-pin Mini-DIN cable
  • 1 x 2.1mm DC power plug to bare ends, 1m length

Manual available here

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