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ImmersionRC RHCP 5.8GHz Circular Polarized SpiroNet Antenna V2 (SMA)


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These little babies are perfect for extending the range and clarity of your FPV system. We use these on Fatshark Dominator Goggles, IMRC Tx and a TBS discovery and easily get over 1klm range! 

Screws directly onto Immersionrc or Fatshark transmitters and receivers or anything using 5.8ghz and an SMA connection.

ImmersionRC have introduced their new skew planar wheel Circularly Polarized SpiroNet antennas. The new design is optimized in terms of radiation pattern and VSWR, the Skew planar wheel design gives you better range and performance in any orientation than the previous clover leaf/skew planner combination. These new antennas also now include an improved wire stems (red) for greater rigidity, and there is now no differentiation between TX and RX.

SpiroNet antennas are without doubt the best replacement available for your stock whip antennas. Manufactured to extremely high tolerances and 100% tested on a Rhode & Schwartz analyzer, these antennas yield unparalleled results when compared to hand made variants or DIY antennas.


Skew (RX/TX)

Polarisation: Right Hand Circular Polarised (RHCP)

Weight: 11.5g

Connector: SMA 

Case size: 33.5m(w) 16mm(h)

Cable Length: 82mm



2 Skew planar wheel Antennas

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