ImmersionRC Xugong V2 Pro


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Ideal for the FPV'er, photographer or videographer who enjoys travelling. Designed for the hiker, the skier, the snowboarder or the world traveler. 

The Xugong has folding arms that use a unique locking mechanism, requiring no tools for easy setup and storage; 10 seconds from the backpack to power-up. A unique foldable quadcopter, which when folded will fit comfortably into a shoebox.

Now with 3K carbon fibre goodness, a fully integrated Power Distribution Board includes an EzOSD-based on screen display, with all of the critical flight data observable by the user. Not only is battery voltage, current, and mAh consumed displayed, a continuously updated estimate of remaining flight time to support safer FPV flying.

With a newly released EzUHF firmware revision, all critical uplink status is sent down the single PPM stream. No need for a second ‘i2c’ link between the receiver and the on screen display. The V2 has a built-in camera switch, with automatic fail-over in case of camera failure.


  • GoPro must have live usb video out for FPV video feed to operate


  •  Designed for up to 10" Props
  •  >20 minute flight time with DJI E300, or Tiger Motor AirGear 350 ESC/Prop/Motor sets
  •  Vibration-free camera platform (clean/dirty frame), entire frame+battery+camera isolated from the vibrating parts
  •  Optimized for DJI Naza M Lite, GPS, and Compass pickoff from the Naza GPS (no second GPS needed)
  •  Single-cable EzUHF Uplink Status (UPSTAT) support for even 4 channel receivers without i2c (EzUHF FW v1.51 and later)
  •  Integrated EzOSD, with full battery, uplink, GPS display 
  •  Integrated telemetry downlink, supported by ImmersionRC antenna trackers, and Smart Phone/Tablet applications


  • Xugong V2 Pro PDB with built in power distribution board, EzOSD, Current Sensor
  • Xugong V2 Pro "Centre Spider" Aluminium Foldable arms


  •  Carbon frame: 96g
  •  2-axis brushless gimbal: 140g (not included)
  •  All components ready for FPV,  including GoPro Hero 4: ~1100g
  •  AUW, with 5200mAh 4s (10C) pack, and GoPro Hero 4: ~1.5kg

Thanks to D3wey for his comprehensive build video!

"Living" Manual can be found Here


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