Naze32 / CC3D Mini Multi-Rotor Power Distribution Board 36mm

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This is the most full featured PDB around. With both a 12v and a 5v BEC, you can power it with up to 6 cells and still run off both the battery voltage, 12v, and 5v. This PDB also has a separate switch for powering LEDs. It has 36mm mount holes so you can stack the PDB cleanly with most flight controllers including Naze32 & CC3D, and is compatible with just every every modern quadcopter frame.

  • 36mm mount holes to stack with Naze32, CC3D etc etc., suits almost all frames. 
  • 2 BEC outputs: 5V and 12V
  • LED control switch
  • Input voltage: 2-6S  (note on 2s-3s will 12v reg output will not operate)
  • Weight: 6g