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Need a spare battery for your ORQA FPV.ONE goggles? 

The Orqa Original Battery holds two 18500 Li-ion cells inside connected in 2S configuration. The battery case features the battery fuel gauge. To check the actual battery charge level, press and hold the button on top of the battery. The battery fuel gauge displays the level with four LED-backlit bars. Each bar represents roughly 25% of the full charge. The battery capacity is 2000 mAH.

Once the battery is empty, it needs to be recharged. To recharge the battery, connect the barrel plug to the Li-ion battery charger.

The battery case features the standard JST 3 pole balance connector. The best practice is to balance charge the battery in order to keep the cell's voltage on the same level. This will ensure the optimal performance and long life of the battery cells.

Optimal charging current should be set to 1.0A max. The battery should be fully charged to 8.4V (4.2V per cell). The fully charged battery will have all four bars lit.


  • 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel connector
  • 2s Li-ion 
  • 2000mah

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