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This was about time!
Finally we are caught up with the demand on the popular Pyro F3-45A "V2" 4in1 ESC so now it is time to offer it as a bundle with one of the most ever sold flight controllers on the market the Pyrodrone F4 OSD.
The package offers 10% savings when compared to buying the boards individually.
Also comes with Pyrodrone G10 30*30 stack cover and 4 x 32mm Pyrowires
For the Pyrodrone F4 OSD Flight controller description please click HERE
For the Pyro F3-45A "V2" 4in1 ESC please click HERE

Important Notes: 

  • Before soldering or mounting any flight controller, connect it to your PC and verify operation
  • Incorrect soldering techniques will damage this board and void warranty. Please use the correct sized tip, temperature and technique. Temp controlled soldering irons (such as the TS100) are available for under $100 and will make soldering much easier.
  • Lifted pads are a result of incorrect soldering techniques or excess mechanical pressure and will not be covered under warranty. 
  • USB ports must be handled with care, breakage of usb ports are not covered under warranty
  • Always use a smoke stopper before powering your build for the first time. 

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