Q180 Carbon Fibre FPV Quadcopter Clone

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Designed around 4" props and 1806 size motors with 2300kv and up. 

Frame utilizes high quality 3K carbon fiber that is precision machined for a superb fit-and-finish. The Q180 is an awesome FPV racer and acrobat. The frame is designed to mount a 26mm FPV camera like the HS1177 at a range of angles. Alternatively, the frame also includes a mounting plate to mount standard 32mm board cameras at a fixed 20 degree angle.

The airframe is designed to support both 3s or 4s lipo setups and can comfortably carry a 1000mah -- but 1300mah lipos fit as well.


  • 1x Q180 carbon fiber airframe
  • 1x Board camera mount
  • 1 x 26mm camera mount
  • 1x Screw & Metal Spacers


Camera plate tabs on the frame will need filing of approx .25mm each for a snug fit.

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