ShenDrones Krieger

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ShenDrones Krieger

The Krieger is the quadcopter distilled down to its roots, a simple X quad made for FPV. The DTF200 model spins 5" props while the DTF225 spins 5" or 6" props. Both sport 4mm thick arms. FPV cam tilt angle is adjustable without tools. With much of its mass closer to its CG, the Krieger is quick and nimble. And with its minimal frontal area, the Krieger has far less drag than a typical 5" H quad, resulting in much higher speeds.

Our team at NextFPV have built and flown this frame and must say it's one of our favourites for super sonic speeds and superb preditable handling. Team it up with your favourite set of 2205 or 2206 2300KV motors spinning the Gemfan 5x4.5 bullnose prop with a Tattu 1550 75c battery powering this rig for the ultimate speed demon, race winning combo.

Field adjustable camera tilt allows the camera angle allows the racer to bring the tilt down to learn the track if need be, then crank it up when your ready to decimate the competition. To sum it up its a perfect outdoor long course racing weapon.

Note: a fairly meticulous build, taking care to depin to reduce clutter with good cable management is recomended. The FXT795 video transmitter slots in nicely while giving easy access to channel selection. The Foxeer HS1177 camera held in with generous lashings of hot glue does the trick nicely, leaving access easy access to change the camera from the rear if need be.

Read all about it here on the Shedrones website.


  • 1x Top X Plate
  • 1x Bottom X Plate
  • 1x FPV Cam Plate
  • 2x Vertical Stanchions
  • 1x 4mm Carbon Spacer
  • 4x 5" Arms
  • Hardware

Note: the max motor size supported is 2206.

ShenDrones Krieger