Skunkworx SWH250 LowPro FPV Racing Drone

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When it comes to racing the SWH250 is no slouch. But the best just got better with the SWH250 LowPro FPV Racing Drone.

The SWH250LP has the same “K-Stance” geometry as the original, but the split deck moves the LiPo closer to the true center of gravity creating a frame that is faster and more responsive than ever before. With options for 5 or 6 inch props and 18 or 22 size motors, finding a power setup that is right for you couldn’t be easier.
The SWH250 LowPro Racing Drone sets a new benchmark in FPV racing. It’s a no gimic, pure carbon, tough as nails multirotor that will take you across the finish line and beyond!
  • SWH250 Low Pro Quadcopter
  • Material: 1.5mm & 3mm Taiwan Matte Carbon Fiber
  • Wheelbase: 250mm
  • Weight: Frame weight TBC – AUW with 1800mah 4S (228g) as per recommended setup (no HD cam): 610g
  • Hardware: Black Nylon and Steel
  • Motor mounts: “Keyhole” M2 & M3 mounting patterns to suit most common mini quad motors
  • Flight Controller: Optimised for Naze32 and CC3D size boards
  • Flight Camera: To suit 33mm board camera or cased micro camera
  • HD Recording Camera: To suit Mobius style cameras or GoPro style cameras

Recommended Setup;