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Everything you loved about Talon F7 BB with a VTX Pit switch and the proven MPU6000 Gyro!

With a F7 processor and 8S capable, Talon is the only 20X20 on the market with a STM32F722RET6 216MHz processor.

Official Betaflight Target: TalonF7V2

Please use user1 for Pit Switch Mode Switch

For latest BF updates use these CLI commands for Pit Switch

Resource pinio 1 A14

Set pinio_box = 40


For the Legacy Clracingf7 target you will need to do the following:
To get Motor 4 to work please use the CLI command below using Betaflight V4.0.4. A custom hex is coming soon for 3.5.7 and 4.0.4.

Resource MOTOR 6 None

Resource MOTOR 4 C08



Welcome the brand new Talon F7 20x20 Flight Controller. With a F7 processor and 8S capable, Talon is the only 20X20 on the market with a STM32F722RET6 216MHz processor. Built in Betaflight OSD, 6 UARTS, and dedicated LDOs for cleaner gyro and OSD signals makes Talon F7 the most powerful 20X20 FC on the market. One of the features Talon F4 customers praised is the choice of using the 8 pin harness or direct soldering motor ports to the ESC. Heli-Nation has kept that option, while still adding even more features, by letting customers remove the plastic connector to reveal motor ports. The 8 pin harness will be a direct pinout for the Aikon 20X20 6S ESC!

**WARNING! If you remove the JST connector to direct solder, the pinout is not the same as the JST connector. Please use the diagram below to see the correct pinout. Please pay attention to VBAT and Ground!


  • MCU: STM32F722RET6 216MH
  • Proven noise-free MPU6000
  • Built in Betaflight OSD
  • Up to 8S (36V) direct battery power
  • Buzzer pads for external buzzer
  • Built-in voltage monitoring resistor
  • 5V 2A BEC
  • Dedicated LDO for Gyro, noise free gyro power
  • Dedicated LDO for OSD, cleaner OSD signal
  • Led strip shares 5V with 5V/2A BEC
  • Built in camera control pin with resistor and capacitor
  • 5 Full UARTS with RX AND TX pins
  • Logical pin layout for cleanest build possible
  • 8 pin 4 IN 1 ESC plug
  • Remappable LED pad for additional motor output
  • TX3,RX3 can be used for I2C for external compass
  • 5V, VBAT selectable VTX and CAM power
  • 16M Blackbox flash chip
  • No flicker VTX pit mode switch (positive switch)
  • M4 Can be selected either led_strip signal or M4 signal for RPM filtering


    • pin connector (Aikon compatible)
    • 8 grommets M4 to M3
    • M3 to M2 nut adapters
    • M3X5 standoffs

    Important Notes: 

    • Before soldering or mounting any flight controller, connect it to your PC and verify operation
    • Incorrect soldering techniques will damage this board and void warranty. Please use the correct sized tip, temperature and technique. Temp controlled soldering irons (such as the TS100) are available for under $100 and will make soldering much easier.
    • Lifted pads are a result of incorrect soldering techniques or excess mechanical pressure and will not be covered under warranty. 
    • USB ports must be handled with care, breakage of usb ports are not covered under warranty
    • Always use a smoke stopper before powering your build for the first time. 

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