Xnova Motor 2206-2500kv Supersonic Multi-rotor Racing Motors

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Xnova Motors 2206-2500kv Supersonic Multi-rotor Racing Motors

Xnova motors are made from the finest components available today and guaranteed for the highest levels of performance and efficiency. Each Xnova motor is 100% hand wound and guaranteed to perform. Be convinced by the results, not just datasheets.

  • High performance

  • Finest CNC quality

  • Ultimate efficiency

  • Low cogging torque

  • Smooth running

  • Precise balancing

  • Fully tested

  • 100% hand wound

Not recommended for bull nose props
Designed specifically for 5x4x3″ props

Note: Please exercise care when installing your Xnova Motors, using bolts that protrude into the windings will short the motor and cause it to fail prematurely. This is not covered under Xnova Motors warranty program. 

Reccomended BLHeli timing settings for Xnova Motors:

  • 2000KV - Medium High
  • 2300KV - Medium
  • 2500KV - Medium
  • 2600KV - Medium Low

Reccomended ESC's

  • Little Bee: 2204 20A, 2206 30A
  • KISS: 2204,2206 24A or 30A depending on prop size/efficiency

Please Note: High KV motors (2500KV and above) require more care and attention to detail when configuring your ESC's and flight controller.

For optimum timing setting please start with LOW/MED timing and increase the timing until motors run smoothly and show no signs of desync.

We have found LOW/MED timing settings to work well on our 2204 2600kv and 2205 2600kv however may vary on different setups.

PID's should be halved from the standard settings and worked up until optimum tune is achieved.

Operation of motors with PID's too high can cause exponential oscillations which will cause damage the motors and ESC's.

As part of Xnova's stringent quality control procedures, all motors are run before shipping to ensure you receive high quality, fault free motors.

Please take the time to correctly setup your new Xnova motors to get the best performance and ensure trouble free operation.

    Xnova motors - when only the best will do!


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