ZTW Spider Pro 30A HV Opto 2-6s F390

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ZTW's answer to the FVT Little Bee 30A ESC. 

Equipped with the Sliab F390 chipset which runs at twice the speed of outdated Little Bee 30A Silab F330 chipsets , lighter, more efficient and producing more than 50 grams over competitor ESC's this is the obvious choice for those wanting high performance at an affordable price. 

Flashed with BLHeli bootloader and BLHeli, connecting, updating and changing settings is a breeze through one-wire technology through most new generation cleanflight flight controllers including Naze32 (Acro/Full). Read about it here on OscarLiang.net

Specifications :
  • MCU: Silabs F390, running at 50MHz, twice the speed of F330
  • Dedicated FET driver: ADEF313 Monolythic power system, same as Little Bee 30A
  • N-channel MOSFET: IOR International Rectifier H8318 100A rated Voltage Regulator:
  • Low noise dual-step Linear voltage regulator
  • Rated for 2S-6S applications
  • Continous Output: 30A
  • Burst Output: 40A
  • Max Power: 500W
  • Dimensions: 29x16x5.5mm 
  • Weight: 13g (with wires)
Please note - Warranty will be voided if any wires are removed from these ESCs. It is simply too easy to overheat them when desoldering, please do so at your own risk.

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