Just recently adding to the collection of great gear this week, we now have stock of APM 2.6 and accessories.

Here at NextFPV we love Ardu Pilot Mega (APM) and encourage anyone wanting the best configurable flight controller to give one a go. Granted It will take some time to master, but it gives endless opportunity to upgrade.

Adding things like OSD, Telemetry, Power Modules, external LEDs, buzzers, ultrasonic sensors, camera triggers are all possible, with standard features such unlimited waypoints, loiter, guided mode, head free mode, sport mode, return to launch are all part of the ever growing list of improvements made possible by open source hardware and software.

Check out Mission Planner for windows, Droidplanner for android to get a taste of what this fantastic flight computer is capable of. If you have any queries in regards to APM feel free to drop a line to us Email Us

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