Tarot 680 Pro Build List

Posted by Bird Man on

We have built numerous Tarot 680 pro frames with a combination of motors / esc and flight computers.

A really nice frame, can't be beaten for Value and Portability. Perfect for the photographer or as an endurance FPV machine.

For the photographer, Mid size cameras like the Sony Ne series, Nikon AX1 and Gopro fit underneath this frame nicely and with the right combination of motor, prop and batteries more than 10 minutes of flight time is easily achievable.

We choose APM or Pixhawk as the flight computer for those who like to fiddle and have the flexibility or Naza for ease of use but more expect to pay more for less.




    2.4Ghz Radio Control (Medium Distance)

      433 mhz radio control (Long distance)

        5.8GHZ Video (Medium Distance)



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