Racing drones at Avalon Airport Melbourne

Drone Racing

Drone Racing is going to be fierce, fast and furious at the Australian International Airshow 2023 when drone racers battle it out under the big top at the Drone Zone.

Get down to the Drone Zone to watch all the action of the drone racing and get immersed in all things drone racing, virtual reality and military uncrewed aerial system technologies!

Cheer on the pilots and see what they see through the first person view goggles and meet the teams as they repair and rebuild their drones between races.

The fastest drone racers from the Australian Army, Air Force Navy and NextFPV will be racing against military and civilian drone racers from across the globe in what is set to be the biggest and best drone racing competition yet to be seen at an Air Show. There will be plenty of prize money, trophies and bragging rights up for grabs across a range of event classifications.

The Australian Army Drone Racing Team will be setting its sights on retaining its dominance as the premier defence drone racing team in the 2023 Military International Drone Racing Tournament. There are new challengers from the United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand that are hungry for a win so we will see some fierce competition and epic battles on the track.


Visitors to the Australian International Airshow should be aware that the event is held on a temporary built site and can pose some challenges for the very young, the elderly or those with mobility issues. Every effort has been made to make the site as accessible as possible, however visitors should note there are uneven surfaces throughout many areas. Keep in mind the Airshow site is large so it can be a good idea to consider either a wheelchair or motorised scooter if you have trouble walking long distances.

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