SpeedyBee Nano 2.4G ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver

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  • Model SpeedyBee Nano 2.4GHz RX
  • Name ExpressLRS Receiver
  • Frequency 2.4Ghz
  • Antenna T-antenna (54*78mm, 0.6g)
  • Chip SX1280+ESP8285
  • Power 100mW (Measured around 120mW)
  • Input voltage 5V
  • Antenna connector IPEX1
  • Weight 0.7 gram(without antenna)
  • Dimension 10.4mm*18.4mm
  • Default Firmware SpeedyBee Nano 2.4GHz RX 3.3.1

Light indicator
  • Double red blinking binding
  • Slow red blinking powering up but unlinked, no packages received from the transmitter
  • Solid red receiver is connected, with signal received
  • Fast red flashing Wi-Fi is turned on, and updating via Wi-Fi is available

  • To turn on Wi-Fi, wait for 60 seconds after powering on or long press button for 3 seconds
  • Quick to cut off the power 3 times, it enters the binding mode



SpeedyBee Nano 2.4GHz RX
SpeedyBee Nano 2.4GHz RX
SpeedyBee Nano 2.4GHz RX

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